You’re all that I know

You’re all that I know

So many times the words weren’t there.

I tried to tell you before but it seemed like you didn’t care.

This cool air buried deep in your stare.. now I know

It isn’t that your soul has grown cold

Its that you’ve battled and fought alone

As have I, let me be the one to carry the burdens from your mind

Tell the world your beautiful and offer genuine insight

So many times I wondered if I was to blame..

Why do two souls dancing around the issue make it sound like a game?

Maybe thats one thing one day well learn but today well mask the burn

With sweet honey kisses, prolonged and ever lasting visits, addicted like poison in syringes… I think I’m beginning to feel it

If I told you there was no one else
Its because while the ghosts roam
Colorless , bland, silver and chrome

you’ve become all that I know


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