Poetry collection book!

I am currently working on a collection of poetry that will be on sale through various platforms you can reach me through including wordpress or email. I will be posting three samples of the collection called Echoes of my time.

Carry me away

Carry me away in chains before I slip into a slumber of nightmares

Where my deepest thoughts emerge to create a monster I know too well

Since there is no place like hell it seems my second soul has created one itself

Please carry me away before I wander through the dark once again

In a place of lustful whores, blood, gore all decorated nicely on the floor

In a grotesque order that sings fashion but I sing along to a deadlier passion

A mission to the depths of a subconscious that’s been corrupted over the ages

If you don’t carry me away in chains i’ll break them…becoming this monster for an eternal unresting

Carry me away until every wall is white until the nurses know my name and I can finally live a peaceful life

There’s nothing more poetic than a drunken bastard with a knife carving his name on his skin over fifty thousand times, singing that same sweet melody that has made me insane the lyrics of a sunshine I have never seen

A Sinner’s blood bleeds truest over those claiming their pure

I know now that only death is my cure


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