Love is not a tragedy

Love is not a tragedy


It’s hard to imagine yourself now without the person you adore more than anything in the world but if in time you are given a lesson that teaches you that this is not the person your soul is meant to bond with forever then you must let go. Learning how to let go seems to be what brings most people trouble, I say screw that!

Walk outside, no im serious, stop everything that you are doing right now and step outside into that deep and vast world. Notice the flowers? Spring is here already you should be smelling the fresh scent of mother nature all around you. Surround yourself with light or surround yourself with laughter they can be one in the same. Being happy is something most often confused with satisfaction. Don’t you notice how some couples aren’t happy until they get what they want from each other? Or maybe how an individual claims he or she will never be happy until they…

See that’s part of the problem because we keep telling ourselves that we won’t be happy unless.. that blocks us from actually being happy. Love is beautiful, it is an experience, it is filled with memories of a person that became part of you if only for a fleeting moment. What has always helped me move in is to think that this love that I had and that is now gone was but a preview of the love that im supposed to have with me, to take with me to the grave.

Remember that love isn’t just loving the person you lost but also loving all that’s around you. If your eyes, mind, soul and all is consistently focused on the negativity, on the loss, on the head aches, on the stress then you yourself will be creating an illusionary black hole that can’t be filled. To let go you must remember that even when something seems to have become part of you it does not mean that if it is lost you are no longer whole. In fact it just means that you gave way to space needed for a new attribute of strength or character.

Fight on, love on, be happy and find the beauty in everything; even in the things that may seem like a shit storm that never ends.



(Not my photograph, used as visual context only)


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