Demon Day 2- Becoming of darkness

Demon Day 2- Becoming of darkness

I awoke one night in the trembling cold wondering where I was or what trip I had just taken. Cold sweat dripping down to my cheeks and my hands trembling only visibly enough to me. As a child they might as well have been tears but luckily for me they weren’t, something about pride. Was it a dream? A terrifying nightmare that gripped me, choked me and forced me to wake. I saw dead bodies around me…were they really dead though? Not dead enough it seemed. I could see their backs slowly caving in, expanding then collapsing again. Breathing slowly but motionless nonetheless.

I could still smell the stench of death, I could still see the far away window at a distance too far for me to reach. There was a light in the window that was slowly fading as if to tell me that your innocence is now gone, your innocence is now mine. I sat there in the middle as a child slowly aging as time swept past me. I realized later than sooner that it could’ve been nothing short of a message that was being transgressed to me. A message that would follow me until the day that I die. ‘You will become the darkness, you will wield it as a sword, you won’t succumb to it, you will fight it’

Those words repeated in my head as a child but what did it mean to me? It is just a dream, it is just a dream I told myself gripping my knees closely to me. It is just a dream, it is just a dream. Night after night the same dream followed until one night the dream drastically changed. This time I appeared to be in a dark cold room with nothing around me but a small glimmering red light. What it reminded me of was one of those rooms used to develop photographs, a dark room. How appropriate I thought. With nothing to do but to walk around aimlessly I decided to walk straight forward the red light. The closer I got to the light the closer I got to seeing what awaited me. The face of this demonic being, red like the light, and red like the color of rage. I could see it’s eyes glistening, its tongue slithering across its lips and its attention focused on me attentively. What did it want with me? ‘You are special in a way, a vessel, you are who you are but you are also me’

This me trapped in several wars in my mind. I have to win before I become shrouded by darkness and lose my light entirely.

(Photograph by Junseisynn)


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