A sweet forgotten sin

A sweet forgotten sin

Bathing for her brings the sweetest comfort

allowing the water to caress her most intimate self

She feels herself at the edge, on the edge to release her hell

whispering ‘I have found a way to unlock my mind’

in her hands she holds the deepest secrets

from the scars to the warmth of gray cement

remembering summer days as they have gone and past

winter nights as they have gone and returned

nothing burns more than for what she yearns

Love at first she thought might be cure until it became her only curse

torn between love lorn and just letting go, no issue like the first

until the water drains to its last drop her heart hasn’t stopped

it beats faster with each thought racing through her

serenity isn’t inner peace nor is it meant to be its a tragedy disguised

by the illusion of bliss

as the words form in her lips she whispers again

‘I have found a way to unlock my mind…and that is to die and never revive

Not in the form of a song to write or a song to sing but as a sweet forgotten sin’


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