The double faced

The double faced

They are all there for you when you smile but they run when your forehead crinkles up and your knuckles turn white. They crave your attention but fear the blinding light of your powerful energy. What face do you hide in the shadows? What mask do you wear when appropriate? What side of you are you willing to show? Don’t pretend that you don’t know, don’t pretend it isn’t you because the same cracked image of the bloody man and woman in the mirror is still your reflection. They will rally, they will cry, they will unite on similar views but dare if you try to differ because that is when they pull the trigger. Sacrifice you as a martyr, as an example of what not to be even though you already are. I am a riddle, a puzzle, and an empty canvas all at the same time. No matter what ink blots you leave on me, I will always shed the skin and find a different host. Are we all parasites? Are our souls draining the host until they die? One thing is for certain… we are one, even in our darkest hours.


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